Maine Cannabis Edibles

Edible Influx at Healthy Choice Cannabis!

Are you an experienced cannabis edible lover, or just dipping your toes in the water that is the world of incredible edibles? Healthy Choice Cannabis in Winslow, Maine is sure to have something for you! With consistent and quality partners, Healthy Choice Cannabis can bring you a wide range of consumable products from many highly reputable Maine sources, such as High Tide and Buzzed Bakery! Cannabis edible gummies from Mighty Viking are a patient favorite, flying off the shelves with every drop. If you aren’t a big fan of smoking or are trying to cut other unhealthy smoking habits, edibles are a great alternative for safe and effective cannabis consumption.

While smoking is the most common way of utilizing medical marijuana, cannabis edibles are a very close second in the weed world, with concentrates and tinctures not far behind. Whatever your preferred method may be, the medicinal cannabis impacts are still effective in relieving many painful or debilitating symptoms. Many patients prefer edibles for the benefit of not having to smoke–however, edibles are known to create a different type of high that many find to be an elevated level of enjoyment. Are you interested in learning more about edibles, dosing, and how to safely utilize eaten cannabis? Stop in or call today to chat with a Healthy Choice Cannabis employee in Winslow, Maine to learn more!

We are proud to partner with a number of Maine businesses to be able to distribute quality, effective medication at a fair price around the state.

Our shelves include a variety of CBD and THC infused gummies supplied by Mighty Viking–a patient favorite around these parts! Our location’s flavors include maple bacon, snozz berry, pineapple jalapeno, blue raspberry, and much more! Stop in today before we run out. These fly off the shelves fast!

Medical Cannabis In Winslow, ME

Here at Healthy Choice we also carry cannabis-infused edibles from Roots 2 Remedies. We have a delicious variety of truffles and brittle. If you prefer decadent chocolate over sour or overly sweet, Roots 2 Remedies has options for you. As chocolate lovers, patients are drooling over the potency and flavor of Roots 2 Remedies cannabis edible products. Reach out today to learn more!

We are proud to offer locally made edibles from Buzzed Bakery. Our selection in the Winslow, Maine store includes strawberry, sour watermelon, blueberry, and birthday cake-flavored candy bombs. If you are a sweet tooth lover with a side of cannabis connoisseur, we are the shop for you! Our products from Buzzed Bakery are sure to hit that sweet spot and conveniently serve your medical needs as well.

Medical Cannabis In Winslow, ME

In addition, Healthy choice is offering a variety of edibles from High Tide! From candy bars to cannabis infused drink options, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Healthy Choice Cannabis! From chocolate to fruit flavors we are sure you will find something delicious, too. No matter your flavor preference or edible style, our cherished partners are sure to deliver for our patients.

Not sure if edibles are right for you?

Our consumers are the best part of our business. We are always more than happy to help. Starting with a low dose is best to help gauge the effects you will experience. Your preferred consumption method is important to have in mind when medicating with cannabis. We are happy to chat about the different ways of utilizing cannabis, all of which are safe and effective when done in the right dosage. We are passionate about helping make medical cannabis beneficial, comfortable, and safe for our patients.Never hesitate to reach out with questions or for suggestions!