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Whether you’re brand new to the Maine medical marijuana industry or have been working and living in it for years, the technology, laws, and products are constantly evolving, covering anything from strain and product information to grow and harvesting tips. At Healthy Choice Cannabis, we want to keep you updated on all things in the cannabis industry and community. Visit this page weekly for the best unbiased and informative articles, blogs, and newsletters we can offer you. We look forward to sharing our news with you!

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Why Choose Healthy Choice?

At Healthy Choice Cannabis, it is our number one goal to provide our patients with quality medicine. We truly believe in using cannabis for wellness because we have seen it improve the lives of our owners and trusted patients. We provide organic, Maine grown cannabis and cannabis products. Our prices are fair, consistent and always affordable. We never want our patients to stress about being able to afford their medicine. We develop, produce, and process everything in house. It’s important to us to provide consistency to our customers in every aspect of the business. Another aspect that makes Healthy Choice Cannabis so unique, is that if we don’t carry something, we will do everything we can to get it! We carry a wide variety of products like fully extracted cannabis oil (FECO), delicious edibles, potent cannabis strains, and even CBD dog treats! We want to be the go to place for all of your cannabis needs.

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Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis

Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis

Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis Marijuana is helpful for different health conditions. The bonus? It also aids in daily function, enjoyment, and productivity. But drawing the

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Cannabis Strains for ADHD

Strains for ADHD  

Strains for ADHD   The Connection Between Cannabis Strains for ADHD and Treatment Cannabis strains have been used for self-treating individuals diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity

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Healthy Choice Cannabis is a caregiver storefront, offering quality medical cannabis to patients in Central Maine and surrounding areas. Healthy Choice Cannabis is locally owned and operated by Bryan Jungels, who has a passion for the cannabis plant its medicinal benefits. Bryan spent the bulk of his career in the carpentry industry, which led to many years of pain including multiple surgeries. Bryan turned to medical cannabis and quickly found it to be the only thing that relieved his pain and still allowed him to live his life to the fullest. Bryan decided to make medical cannabis his full time passion, establishing Healthy Choice Cannabis. We believe in promoting holistic wellness for everyone experiencing pain, an illness of any kind, or looking for relief. We focus on the use of premium genetics, and take the time to produce safe and consistent, quality products.

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With Healthy Choice Cannabis, we don't believe you should compromise on quality for cost. We provide top of the line products for a fair price. Please stop by today to explore our selection of quality edibles and concentrates.

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We started this business with a passion for the cannabis plant. Using cannabis for wellness has dramatically improved our lives, and we believe it can help you too. Stop in today to discuss how!

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