Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis

Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis

Medical Vs. Adult-Use Cannabis

Marijuana is helpful for different health conditions. The bonus? It also aids in daily function, enjoyment, and productivity. But drawing the line in using it for different purposes may require people to know more about how its uses differ. Although cannabis has been approved for use, there are still existing limitations to its usage.

These restrictions and differences can guide you in your cannabis use experience. Here’s what you need to learn more about it.

Medical Vs. Recreational: What are the Differences?

Cannabis use can be medical and recreational. In both categories, cannabis is used to improve your quality of life.

Medical use of marijuana is typically for patients who suffer from pain and anxiety related health conditions. While people who use cannabis for recreational purposes are more after the relaxation benefits and increased daily work function. More specifically, cannabis use differs in purpose, intention, and benefits.

Purpose And Intentions

adult-use cannabis compared to medical

Motive and purpose are the biggest factors differentiating medical from recreational use. If you are to use marijuana medically, you intend to find relief from your current health state. Something is causing you pain, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Through a doctor’s diagnosis, cannabis may become your best bud for coping.

If you are in no pain from medical symptoms but want a relaxed feeling, you are considered to be using cannabis for recreational purposes. It is for people who want the energy or the relaxing feeling to reduce stress and improve everyday life.

The Difference Between Recreational and Medical Weed

Marijuana users for medicinal purposes have different requirements than those who use the plant for recreational activities. Let’s review some of the main differences.


You must acquire marijuana in Maine in specific facilities. If you are using medical cannabis, you need to get your cannabis from a medical dispensary, caregiver storefront, or medical delivery service.

What is a dispensary? It’s where you can obtain your medical treatment, and only patients with valid medical marijuana prescriptions are allowed to buy from there. You will need a doctor certification or medical card to purchase from a medical marijuana facility. Meanwhile, recreational cannabis users can buy from retail stores and cannabis shops.

There are also age considerations for using marijuana. People can start to purchase medical marijuana by 18 and 21 for recreational users.

Difference in Quality

Although medical and adult-use cannabis is from the same plant, they may still differ in quality. Yes, growing cannabis plants might be similar, but cultivating and producing them is different.

Recreational marijuana is grown in a more strict environment and is usually cultivated indoors. Unlike medical cannabis, which can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Recreational cannabis must undergo thorough testing prior to being sold, where medical cannabis does not have the same requirements. Generally, growers of medical cannabis still ensure that quality testing is done to provide quality medicine for patients.

CBD & THC Levels

Marijuana CBD - THC Levels

CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are marijuana’s main ingredients that cause one to be high and enjoy the plant’s benefits. When a person consumes cannabis with high THC levels, they will experience being high, relaxation, and other benefits.

Meanwhile, CBD has different effects. Marijuana with increased CBD levels may experience anti-inflammatory, stress, and anxiety reduction benefits. It simply puts you in a relaxed state. Both THC and CBD are sold medically and recreationally, although you may find higher THC levels in recreationally grown and tested cannabis.

Wrapping Up

The restrictions of both cannabis types roots in one’s reasons and intentions for using the plant. But no matter your purpose, what’s important is that you follow the limitations for safer use.

Remember to prioritize stress-free and safer cannabis use to maximize its benefits and experience!